Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Specialist Certification Preparation

Having cleared Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam, I was pretty pumped to take on my next Specialist exam  – Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Specialist Certification. By now, one can guess what I started with – the no brainer – exam guide. I then proceeded to go over what has become the next obvious thing – go over the blogs of certification gurus like Mayank, Hamza Abib and the study notes by Ben Edwards. I found Hamza’s post to be very very useful – particularly the additional links provided in the post. For this exam, though the go to resource would be Marketing Cloud Help documentation, I felt that one should start with Getting Started help link (The Social Studio eLearning videos on youtube covers the same topics but those videos seem to be older versions and don’t cover the Analyze module). This would give a strong foundation to move to the detailed topics. Before going over the individual topics, I also covered the below additional release videos:

Once I was through the different topics, finally I went over the Marketing Cloud Release Notes pertaining to Social Studio till date (Mar ‘17 as of this writing).

As for the exam, I found that there was a greater percentage of fact based questions. If you are very well versed with the various features of different social networks, you could answer few questions straight off the bat by the process of elimination (For eg: Retweets, Requotes are only possible in Twitter, # of views is only applicable for Youtube). Further details about the exam (such as # of questions, topics) can be found in the exam guide or here.

As a final thought, I felt that if you are Marketer or work in Marketing Cloud, it is best to take this exam at the earliest as Salesforce is adding lot of additional features (not to mention additional social networks! ) with every release. This was one of easier exams (as of this writing) that I have taken so far and being well versed with different features of social networks will definitely help!

As always, wish you the best!

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