Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification Preparation

Goes without saying, I started with the certification exam guide which can be found here. I then went over the blogs of Mayank, Salesforce Ben. I then chanced upon another blog by Hamza Abib where I found the most resourceful document (personally to me) – study notes by Ben Edwards. I later realized that the blog of Salesforce Ben also points to the same notes! Anyway, I went over all the topics mentioned in the exam guide with Ben Edwards notes as reference. Since I was new to Marketing Cloud, I went over lot of additional topics just to understand the topics mentioned in exam guide. Keep in mind that some of the links mentioned in the notes do not work as the notes were prepared in ‘15 and to top it, Marketing cloud has come up with new functionality for some topics. Make sure you read up on the new functionality (eg: new way of creating content, new options for sending an email). The go to resource would undoubtedly be the documentation within marketing cloud help site. Be mindful that for the exam, the questions will be pertaining to Email Studio only. The help documentation covers all aspects of Marketing Cloud (including Social Studio Wherever possible, I took screenshots of the navigation of the tool which helped me to mentally map the steps of different processes and understand what was being mentioned in the help topics.


As for the exam, it had a good share of straightforward questions – so if you prepare well, those questions will be a breeze. However, I personally found this exam to be slightly difficult for couple of reasons:

  • I didn’t have access to a working environment. Neither Salesforce provides a Dev org like it does for normal Salesforce instance nor my company had any for testing purposes.
  • I am new to Marketing Cloud and there were quite a few scenario based questions which is pretty common for Consultant exams but I didn’t expect it for a Specialist exam. Not having access to working instance made it difficult i reckon.


Further details about the exam (such as # of questions, topics) can be found in the exam guide or here. As a final thought, I felt that having some level of hands on experience would have made the exam much easier.
Wish you the best!

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