Salesforce Community Cloud Certification Preparation Tips

Having found (very) few blogs on Community Cloud certification preparation, I thought of sharing my experience about the certification exam.

Note that I do have experience working in the old portal, VF+Tabs Communities and recently worked on Lightning Napili template.

I started with what is obviously a no brainer – the certification exam guide. Then I went over the blogs of Bob Buzzard, Mayank, Salesforce Ben to get other’s perspective about the exam. Since I previously had experience working in Communities and since I already completed the trailhead modules, I gave the mock exam by Salesforce Ben just to get into the rhythm of exam mode.

Fortunately for communities (at least as of writing this post), I found Salesforce Communities Overview as a one stop shop to get all the necessary info for Salesforce Communities (not just the exam). If you are looking for a “Go To” document (as of this writing) to find most of the information about Communities, I would suggest to go through Set Up and Manage Communities (PDF). The documents under “Limitations, Supported Browsers, Mobility” cover some of the facts/numbers based questions in the exam.

Coming to the exam itself, it had a good mix of straightforward as well as scenario based questions. Topics covered under “Implementation” and “Sharing and Security” (refer exam guide) had more of Scenario based questions. Further details about the exam (such as # of questions, topics) can be found in the exam guide or here.

As a final thought, I would strongly recommend having some level of working experience (hands on knowledge) in Communities before taking up the exam.

Wish you the Best!

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